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Since the advent of the hybrid workplace, the home office movement has taken hold and changed the way that many contractors, corporate workers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners get work done. While working remotely certainly has its benefits, many professionals are beginning to find that spending 40 hours or more a week in a home office isn't the best choice. According to the INAA, working remotely can blur the line between professional working environments and a person's personal life.

As it turns out, having a dedicated, safe space to work privately or collaborate with others can boost efficiency and increase morale. Working in an office environment with readily-available resources like printers and meeting rooms makes accomplishing tasks and making progress much more manageable. For business owners and startups, the prospect of being unproductive at home just won't cut it.

That's where The Runway's co-working space comes into play.

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What is a Co-Working Space in Hanahan, SC?


A new take on the modern-day office, co-working spaces give individuals, entrepreneurs, startups, and business owners access to private desks, office resources, inclusive amenities, and exclusive perks. Imagine a purpose-built space filled with hardworking professionals, all employed by different organizations with different goals and tasks. The building has many different rooms, from communal areas with shared workspaces to large, private offices with frosted glass. Here, workers from every background can network with like-minded colleagues while having a dedicated place to work and collaborate.

From exciting startups owners working seven days a week to individuals needing a quiet place to do research, co-working office spaces offer help provide:

  • More Productivity
  • Collaboration and Networking Opportunities
  • In-House Resources
  • More Productivity
  • Collaboration and Networking Opportunities
  • In-House Resources

Service Areas

If you're looking for an affordable office space for rent in Hanahan, SC, a co-working space might be the perfect solution. But with more than 17,000 co-working spaces around the globe, what makes The Runway so special?

All of our membership options offer:

 Office Rental Hanahan, SC

Ultra-Fast Wi-Fi

 Office Space For Rent Hanahan, SC
Scanning and Printing

Business Center with Scanning and Printing

 Office Space Hanahan, SC

Secure, 24/7 Access to Your Co-Working Space

 Business Space For Rent Hanahan, SC
Networking Events

Access to Onsite Networking Events

 Co-working Office Hanahan, SC

Friendly and Productive Atmosphere

 Cheap Office Space Hanahan, SC

Onsite Utilities

When you rent with The Runway, you'll enjoy modern workspaces, shared and private desks, and private office options. Plus, with access to our fully-stocked Pilot's lounge and even a business address, you'll be set up for success on day one.

Whether you're looking for a co-working space for your new startup or you simply need a one room office space for rent in Hanahan, SC, we have all the amenities you'd expect and more. Our goal is to provide our clients with a professional atmosphere where business-minded individuals and teams can work independently while still being a part of something bigger. It all starts by choosing the best office space rental options for your business needs.

PlansPlans at the Runway


At The Runway, we offer a wide variety of rental options to best suit your needs, whether you're looking for a quick day pass for a few hours of work or you need a frequent monthly commitment. Plans at The Runway include the following:

Day Passes

Don't need to spend much time at The Runway? With our day pass, you can enjoy access at any time of day to our state-of-the-art lobby, conference room with frosted privacy glass, and convenient business center with printing and scanning. Relax in our fully-stocked Pilot's Lounge or get straight to work at the high tops.

 Executive Offices Hanahan, SC
 Cheap Small Office Space Hanahan, SC

Meeting Rooms

Sometimes you need a clean, impressive meeting room for those big clients, but you don't want to sign a monthly contract. We get it! Our meeting room rental options are fully equipped for modern meetings with plenty of seating, privacy glass, high-speed internet, natural light, flat-screen TVs, and more. This option allows you to impress your business partners or guests without breaking the bank.

Co-Working Hot Desks

Our hot-desk options are perfect for individuals who may only need to use our co-working space a few times a week. Members can choose from a part-time hot desk with three days per week access or a full-time hot desk with five days per week access. Unlike our day passes, our hot desk rental options include access to the Pilot's Lounge and Conference Room.

Renters can also enjoy access to our state-of-the-art lobby any time of day, conference room with frosted privacy glass, and convenient business center with printing and scanning. When it's time to take a break, relax in our fully-stocked Pilot's Lounge before you get back to work. If you're looking for an office space for entrepreneurs in Hanahan, SC, this option is a great choice.

Office Hanahan, SC
 Co-working Space Hanahan, SC

Private Dedicated Desks

If having a private desk to yourself is non-negotiable, The Runway has plenty of options for you to consider. Our private desks are an affordable solution for anyone who wants a budget-friendly option and requires a private space. When you rent one of our private desks, you'll get more perks than our day pass options, like a business address, mail service, conference room access, and access to the fully stocked Pilot's Lounge. It's all included in your monthly rate!

Small, Medium, and Large Private Offices

Whether you're working on a top-secret digital marketing campaign or you're just an introverted professional, our private office rentals are for you. In fact, many workers use 3300 W Montague Ave as their business address. When you rent a private office on a monthly basis, you'll enjoy a fully-furnished executive office with janitorial and valet trash services, 24/7 access to both our facility and an online Co-working Hub, and invitations to exclusive networking events. If you're looking for an alternative to the premium pricing found in most office parks and corporate centers, consider this option.

 Office Rental Hanahan, SC
 Office Space For Rent Hanahan, SC

Co-Working Spaces vs Traditional Office Spaces


If you're like many of our clients at The Runway, you're probably wondering, "Why should I choose a co-working space in Hanahan, SC, near me instead of a traditional office space?"

The truth is co-working spaces with flexible workplace options have drastically changed the way professionals work. Over the last few years, more self-employed business owners and companies have taken advantage of the savings and convenience co-working spaces offer. In the past, the only options on the table were limited by nature, at rates that seemed ridiculous, even for major companies.

On the other hand, co-working spaces offer professionals the chance to move right away to a fully-functioning, comfortable workspace in a business-centric part of town. Unlike traditional office space rentals, The Runway provides you with everything you need to be successful and grow your business, whether you're a sole proprietor or have several employees.

With a properly equipped co-working space, you can focus on accomplishing your goals and finishing your day-to-day tasks without the headaches of moving into and maintaining an expensive office. Co-working spaces offered by The Runway provide:

  • Flexible spaces and private offices to grow your business
  • No Lease Agreements
  • Utilities like power and high-speed internet included
  • Access to copiers, printers, and scanners
  • Move-in ready setups when you need them the most
  • An affordable monthly investment
  • Incredible networking and brainstorming opportunities
  • Free maintenance and cleaning services
  • Free refreshments like water and coffee

On the other hand, traditional office spaces often feature:

  • Limited workspace options
  • Long-term commitments
  • Additional cost for utilities
  • Printer, scanner, and copier setup needed
  • Expensive monthly investment
  • More restrictive opportunities to network and brainstorm

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Who Uses Co-Working Spaces in Hanahan, SC?


With the growing popularity of office rooms for rent in Hanahan, SC, many types of businesses and people are inhabiting these spaces, from popular companies to self-starters and everyone in between. Here is a quick glance at some of the most common professionals using The Runway's co-working office space.

Remote Workers

Remote Workers

Yes, you read that correctly. Remote work is often associated with Zoom calls and home offices, but remote employees can benefit greatly from co-working offices. Most remotely-employed workers enjoy having more freedom but want to use it responsibly. They choose co-working spaces because, unlike working from home, they benefit from socialization, structure, and the ability to brainstorm with others.



As is the case with remote workers, freelancing doesn't inherently mean you have a dedicated workspace or home office. Since having a home office isn't always a guarantee, we find that many freelancers flourish at The Runway. Even freelancers who have home offices often prefer to work in a more structured environment to reduce distractions and downtime. For hardworking freelancers, co-working spaces present an opportunity for more productivity and career progress. When you add access to client meeting rooms, printers, scanners, free Wi-Fi, and even a business mailing address, co-working offices are often no-brainers for freelancers.



Especially in the early stages of growth, entrepreneurs need a dedicated, productive space to grow their business and determine the next steps to success. Depending on the industry, entrepreneurial work can quickly clutter your personal space, both physically at home and mentally, in your head. That's often the first reason why entrepreneurs flock to co-working spaces – they're away from home, where they're more inclined to relax and be unproductive. Whether you're looking for a private office or simply a desk where you can work away from home, The Runway is the solution you need.



A co-working space for startups in Hanahan, SC, is a great idea because it provides a central location for full-time work, office meetings, and more. Startups are often defined by a team's ability to come together, brainstorm, produce a product, and fill a need. With The Runway's co-working office for startups, you can do exactly that.

Plus, having a co-working office space for a startup team saves money. If you've ever had the chance to grow a company from the ground up, you know first-hand how important budgets are for your business. When you rent from The Runway, you won't have to worry about expenses like management fees, insurance, power, internet, reinstatement fees, and other overhead costs.



If you own or manage a small to mid-size business, you know how expensive office space is in Hanahan. As is the case with startups, many businesses use The Runway's private meeting rooms and offices to conduct business at a fraction of the cost of a traditional office. Plus, they use the space to connect with other businesses, professionals, and freelancers who often become valuable resources. As an added bonus, co-working spaces like those at The Runway have been shown to boost morale and provide a sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and community.

FAQs about Co-Working Spaces


Co-working and shared workspaces from The Runway are cost-effective, convenient, and full of value for hardworking people looking to get ahead. Though co-working offices have grown in popularity, with approximately 24,000 locations globally, they're still a mystery to many. If you still have questions, we invite you to contact our office today to learn more about The Runway. Until we speak, here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions we encounter.

Q. Do co-working spaces actually work? My friend uses a desk from The Runway and swears by it, but I'm not convinced.

A. The short answer to this question is a resounding "Yes!" Thousands of people use co-working offices as a reliable way to stay productive and professional. In fact, research from Harvard Business Review states that surveyed workers benefit from more motivation, higher productivity, and more valuable social interactions.

Q. What does The Runway's co-working space offer?

A. The Runway is a co-working office space and community that offers clients a modern, purpose-built place to work and succeed. Depending on their needs, members enjoy many options and perks, including:

  • Secure 24/7 Access to the Facility
  • Ultra-Fast Internet
  • Access to Printers, Scanners, and Copiers
  • Private Offices
  • Private Meeting Rooms
  • Private Lockers
  • Fully-Stocked Lounge Area
  • Much More

Q. What is the point of co-working spaces?

A. Co-working spaces like The Runway give professionals a chance to work in a professional setting without the overhead costs and headaches of a traditional office. Whether solo or in a team, The Runway offers diverse groups of workers the opportunity to thrive professionally while connecting with others.

Let The Runway be Your Launching Pad to Business Success


At The Runway, we're passionate about empowering risk-takers, dreamers, and businesspeople of all backgrounds with affordable office space for rent in Hanahan, SC. Whether you're just starting a new venture or you're a veteran freelancer, The Runway is where your business can take off. Contact our office today to reserve your co-working space or to learn more about our day passes and monthly options.

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Latest News in Hanahan, SC

Reelected Hanahan mayor talks past, present and future of city

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCSC) - After being reelected for another term on Tuesday, Hanahan Mayor Christie Rainwater is already preparing for the next four years.In this year’s election, no opponents ran against Rainwater, which she says was a relief to not sit on the edge of her seat and worry about winning or not.“I feel like the residents of the city have seen the work I’ve put in, and they want that to keep going,” she says. “They want the momentum to continue, and no one ran against me. I’m able t...

HANAHAN, S.C. (WCSC) - After being reelected for another term on Tuesday, Hanahan Mayor Christie Rainwater is already preparing for the next four years.

In this year’s election, no opponents ran against Rainwater, which she says was a relief to not sit on the edge of her seat and worry about winning or not.

“I feel like the residents of the city have seen the work I’ve put in, and they want that to keep going,” she says. “They want the momentum to continue, and no one ran against me. I’m able to really continue keeping that momentum going.”

The Hanahan City Council and school board members were all reelected on Tuesday, and the mayor says will continue as a strong partnership because of the established relationships.

Similar to the rest of the Lowcountry, Hanahan continues to grow. Rainwater focused on building economic development and recreation in the area by adding two new parks over the last four years.

“Really bringing this quality of life to the residents is what we’ve been doing over the past four years and will continue to do over the next four,” she says.

As for the upcoming four years, the mayor really wants to focus on flooding concerns, more economic growth and additional housing for the community. She also mentioned that the Lowcountry Rapid Transit plans include four stops that will positively impact Hanahan.

“We are really looking at our specifically downtown area and how can we allow for housing that will work for everyone,” Rainwater says. “We have changed the ordinances over the past few years that will allow for us to build up a little higher and bring that in.”

The mayor also expressed that Hanahan has a small-town feel despite being the seventeenth-largest city in South Carolina.

“I like to say I bleed blue and orange,” she says. “Hanahan is the heart of the Lowcountry. When you look at its location, you’ve got downtown Charleston, Summerville, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, and right in the heart, you’ll find Hanahan. The truth is, it’s not just because of its location; the people in Hanahan are so special.”

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High school scoreboard | Greenbrier Christian baseball team wins Hanahan Invitational Tournament in Charleston, South Carolina

Baseball757Teamz Top 15#6 Menchville 8, Kecoughtan 2WP: Davis (4-0). LP: Boyd.Joseph Helmsderfer was 2 for 3 with a double, two runs and an RBI for the Monarchs (10-0). Chance Jones and James Blotter each had a hit, a run and an RBI.Norfolk Academy 8, #13 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 7WP: Winn. LP: McGhee.Matt Camardella was 4 for 5, and Jack Gross reached base six times.#11 Greenbrier Christian 11, Massapequa (New York) 5WP: Langston. LP: V...


757Teamz Top 15

#6 Menchville 8, Kecoughtan 2

WP: Davis (4-0). LP: Boyd.

Joseph Helmsderfer was 2 for 3 with a double, two runs and an RBI for the Monarchs (10-0). Chance Jones and James Blotter each had a hit, a run and an RBI.

Norfolk Academy 8, #13 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 7

WP: Winn. LP: McGhee.

Matt Camardella was 4 for 5, and Jack Gross reached base six times.

#11 Greenbrier Christian 11, Massapequa (New York) 5

WP: Langston. LP: Vilardi.

Thomas Conrad, Dylan Wood and Payton Shipman hit home runs as the Gators finished a 4-0 week and won the Hanahan Invitational Tournament in Charleston, South Carolina. Shipman was named the tournament MVP.

#12 Maury 4, Canfield (Ohio) 3

WP: Gillespie. LP: Patellis.

Brian Jones collected seven strikeouts over five innings as the Commodores won a game at the Ripken Experience in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Brycen Hamilton hit the winning sacrifice fly, scoring Jack Bonney on a field modeled after New York’s historic Polo Grounds.


Bayside 3, Hickory 1

Ethan Blakeney had two hits and two RBIs for the Marlins. Will Cox collected three hits.

Catholic 11, Grafton (West Virginia) 5

WP: Marfeo (2-1).

Joe Norman went 4 for 4 with three RBIs and scored twice at the Mingo Bay Classic in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Alex Chalfant and Anthony Tortorice had three hits apiece. The Crusaders improved to 3-0 in pool play.

Landstown 7, St. Maria Goretti (Maryland) 3

WP: Hogan. LP: Fuller.

Trey Campos and Cameron Tellefsen each had two RBIs for the Eagles, who went into the seventh inning trailing 2-1 but erupted for six runs to beat a team from Hagerstown at the Mingo Bay Classic. Zach Blevins added two hits for Landstown.


757Teamz Top 15

#2 Kellam 8, #3 Grassfield 1

Ava McMichael started in the pitching circle for the Knights, and Abby Adamek came in to secure the win at the 11th annual Jazmine Foreman Memorial Scholarship Tournament at Grassfield. Chloe Jackson led the Knights’ offensive charge, going 4 for 5 with two RBIs. McMichael added three hits, and Karly Boone had two hits.

#2 Kellam 10, Currituck (North Carolina) 0

Sydney Harris and Hannah Lebert led the Knights with two hits each. Grace Andes had one hit and three RBIs. Abby Adamek pitched for Kellam, striking out 10.

#3 Grassfield 6, Currituck (North Carolina) 1

WP: Harford (1-0). LP: Rumanzek.

Cydney LaFon was 2 for 3 with three RBIs for the Grizzlies. EG Hatcher was 2 for 3 and Emma Joy was 1 for 2. Chase Harford gained the victory.

#6 Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 15, Norfolk Academy 0

WP: Smith. LP: Bandy.

Ellie Benes and Addy Smith combined for the shutout in a 2 1/2-inning game. Benes and Smith also combined for five hits and seven RBIs.

Anderson County (Kentucky) 2, #7 Greenbrier Christian 1

A team from Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, edged the Gators at the Grand Strand Softball Classic in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Pitcher Haleigh Murphy (3-3) took the loss.

Menchville 8, #12 Kecoughtan 7

WP: Richardson (5-1). LP: Ackerman.

Kinsey Knapp hit her fourth and fifth home runs of the season and had four RBIs to lead the offense for Menchville, which beat the Warriors for the second time in three days. Dylan Dziechiarz and Leann Vo also had multiple hits for the Monarchs (8-1). Lynlea Boone homered for Kecoughtan (7-2) in a back-and-forth game for first place in the Peninsula District.

Bay Rivers District

Gloucester 18, Woodside 1

WP: Bowden. LP: Davis.

Kaia Hutton was 3 for 3 with three RBIs, and Sadie Bowden was 2 for 4 with two RBIs for the host Dukes in the 4 1/2-inning game.

Peninsula District

Bethel 17, Denbigh 2

WP: Gray. LP: Baranowski.

Taylor Gray, Kayla Harmon, Skylar Dyke, Maddy Morris and Madi Fortune all had multiple hits for the Bruins. Gray, who pitched 4 2/3 innings, was 4 for 4.

Warwick 14, Hampton 0

Yanaiya Burke and Tanaysha Dixon each singled and drove in a run, and Nataleigh Gabriel had an RBI.

Private schools

Isle of Wight Academy 23, Norfolk Collegiate 0

Boys soccer

Bay Rivers District

Lafayette 0, Bruton 0

Liam Ferguson made three saves for Bruton (5-1-1, 1-1-1 Bay Rivers), while Clark Canova made five saves for Lafayette (1-5-2).

Girls soccer

757Teamz Top 15

#7 Norfolk Academy 7, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 1

G-Norfolk Academy, Hennessy 3, Bosma, Delyannis 2, Scott; NSA, Edwards.

Addy Hennessy had a hat trick and Maria Delyannis contributed two goals for the Bulldogs. The Saints’ Meredith Edwards scored a penalty kick in the final minute.

Peninsula District

Kecoughtan 3, Bethel 3

The Warriors’ goals came from Arianna Carr, Ellery Lapointe and Maya Winters. Belma Tihic scored all three for the Bruins, though Kursten Clark had 15 saves for Kecoughtan.

Private schools

Norfolk Christian 3, Summit Christian Academy 0

Paige Milligan had two goals for the Ambassadors. Caroline Bishard added a goal and Elise Marsh had an assist.

Norfolk Collegiate 7, StoneBridge 0

Jillian Reed had a hat trick, and goals from Mary Bradley Howlett, Erin Sullivan, Maya Dixon and Jordyn Adams also sparked the Oaks.

Boys lacrosse

Private schools

Norfolk Academy 16, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 2

G-Norfolk Academy, Doyle 4, Rhoades 3, Violette 2, Janney 2, Husson, Payne, Ott, Hnath, Snyder; NSA, Yates, Jensen.

Kaleb Doyle’s four goals and Connor Rhoades’ three guided the Bulldogs.

Boys tennis

Bay Rivers District

Grafton 5, Bruton 4

Rainer Christiansen, John Cloud, Nathan Chan, Alec Denny and Noah Mitchell won in singles to lift the Clippers, who substituted in doubles.

Jamestown 9, Warhill 0

The Eagles lost no more than three games in any match against the Lions (2-6).

Tabb 7, Lafayette 2

Nicolas Crespo, Matthew Wornom, Jacob Dunster and Gus Alston won in straight sets in singles for the Tigers, who swept three doubles pro-sets.

York 7, Poquoson 2

Roman Vander Kooi, Austin Linsk, Brooks Morgan and Reece Zabler earned singles and doubles victories for the Falcons. Cole McDade took the Islanders’ only singles triumph.

Private schools

Norfolk Academy 9, Nansemond-Suffolk Academy 0

The Bulldogs continued to dominate the TCIS.

Girls tennis

Bay Rivers District

Jamestown 9, Warhill 0

The Eagles improved to 8-0 by beating their Williamsburg-area rivals.

Poquoson 7, York 2

Maddie Wyatt won her match in a hard-fought two sets and Ava Cook also won in straight sets for the Islanders.

Daily high school schedules for Hampton Roads public school teams are available at the following district links:

Hanahan’s Cappello makes college choice

Hanahan High School senior baseball player Nick Cappello has committed to one of the better junior college baseball programs in the country.Cappello made a verbal commitment to Florence-Darlington Tech Aug. 15 and will aim to make another move up in a year or two. FDT has put the sting into many opponents over the years. The Stingers have five Region X titles since 2012 and two JUCO World Series appearances in 2017 and 2021. Many of their players move on to NCAA Div. I and II schools.Cappello (5-10, 175) is a two-time all-regio...

Hanahan High School senior baseball player Nick Cappello has committed to one of the better junior college baseball programs in the country.

Cappello made a verbal commitment to Florence-Darlington Tech Aug. 15 and will aim to make another move up in a year or two. FDT has put the sting into many opponents over the years. The Stingers have five Region X titles since 2012 and two JUCO World Series appearances in 2017 and 2021. Many of their players move on to NCAA Div. I and II schools.

Cappello (5-10, 175) is a two-time all-region selection and was the Hawks pitcher of the year last spring when they shared a region title with eventual state champion Oceanside Collegiate.

“He is a bulldog on the mound,” Hanahan coach Brian Mitchell said. “He’s very intense. He fears nothing and loves to compete. He doesn’t flinch. He can throw three pitches for strikes and was hitting 88-89 in the Palmetto Games. He is very solid.”

Cappello has been on the varsity roster since he was a freshman. He also catches some for the Hawks, who advanced to the Lower State tournament last spring. Cappello batted .348 with a 7-0 mark and 1.55 earned-run average on the mound.

As a sophomore, Cappello went 3-1 with a 3.36 ERA.

“He works hard in the weight room,” Mitchell said. “He’s been very versatile for us over the years. This season, we’ll have to catch him some. I can see him pitching one day a week, catching one day a week and then playing designated hitter one day a week.”

Recently, Cappello competed in the Diamond Prospects’ Palmetto Games at the University of South Carolina. The multi-day event invites many of the best high school players in the state for a showcase.

Timberland’s win-loss record in football doesn’t sparkle as the region slate approaches. What does stand out, though, is the Wolves’ tenacity and effort over four quarters.

Coach Greg Wright’s bunch picked up its first win of the season Friday, Sept. 15, hanging on for a 28-24 victory at Hanahan that helped ease the sting of three narrow defeats over the previous four games.

“I just told them to stay together,” Wright said. “We talk all the time about effort, attitude and toughness. The biggest thing is staying together. We had three losses by a total of nine points and that can sink into 15- to 18-year-old kids. It’s our job to keep them together and let them know we’re going to be fine. Our time is coming.”

After tangling with West Ashley Friday, Sept. 22 (after press time) in their final non-region contest, the Wolves host Bishop England on Friday, Sept. 29, to open the Region 7-AA portion of the schedule. Timberland’s second league game is at Academic Magnet on Friday, Oct. 6.

The lone squad to comfortably navigate a fight with the Wolves is unbeaten Philip Simmons. The 37 points against Timberland were a season low for the Iron Horses, though. Before getting off the slide against Hanahan, Wright’s team fought hard in losses to Berkeley (36-32), Indian Land (7-6) and Cross (22-18).

“They’re resilient,” Wright said. “They’re growing up. They’re maturing. We’re a young group. We’re a heavy junior class with some sophomores and freshmen. Our senior leadership is very important. No matter what’s going on, it’s about being even keel, never too high or too low.”

Against Hanahan, the Wolves went 69 yards for the go-ahead points after Hanahan grabbed the lead, 24-20, with 4:38 left in the game. Timberland quarterback Kylen Brown got loose for a 12-yard scurry to convert a fourth-and-6 inside Wolves territory. Later, running back Amir Millegan moved a pile into Hanahan’s red zone with under two minutes remaining. Sophomore running back Montez Addison reached paydirt for the second time a few plays later, scoring on a 9-yard run with 1:24 left.

“He started on JV last year but he’s a kid that can play any position,” Wright said about Addison. “He’s just a special talent. Look for him in the next couple of years. He’s a smart kid and has a great personality. We have a leadership team and he’s one our leaders and captains.”

Brown raced around the right side to score on the 2-point conversion, upping the lead to 28-24.

“He’s a phenomenal kid,” Wright said of his senior quarterback. “He’s everything you want in a leader. He holds them accountable and he’s passionate about the game. It was good for him to get the win. It’s tough on a quarterback when you’ve had some close losses.”

Hanahan moved into Timberland’s 30 with under a minute left but the Wolves defense stopped the Hawks just short of the line to gain on a fourth-and-10, sparking the first victory celebration of the season.

“I feel great about this team,” Wright said. “I know they’re going to fight.”

Timberland’s first 20 points came in a second-quarter surge as it grabbed a 20-17 lead at the break.

Brown heaved a 40-yard touchdown pass to receiver Xavier Hampton on third and long to give the Wolves a 6-3 edge, then Addison’s first touchdown scamper came from six yards out as Timberland answered a Hanahan score to go up, 14-10, with 4:46 left in the first half.

The Hawks regained the advantage on a touchdown with 1:55 remaining in the second quarter but Timberland’s Javares Sumpter returned the ensuing kickoff 65 yards for a touchdown.

Cross 54,

Lake Marion 8

Cross scored in all three phases to coast past natural rival Lake Marion in a non-region football game Friday, Sept. 15.

Junior Karmello Jones powered the Trojans (4-1) with 129 yards rushing and a touchdown offensively to go along with a special night on the punt return team. Jones took a kick back 57 yards for a score and also reached paydirt by returning a blocked punt 25 yards.

Senior quarterback Tyler Mungin scored on runs of 1, 8 and 2 yards for the Trojans. His third touchdown upped the Trojans’ lead to 42-8 in the third quarter.

In the fourth quarter, freshman running back Ma’Ky Green raced 60 yards for a touchdown for Cross and senior Cobey Coleman scooped up a fumble and returned it 35 yards for the final margin of victory.

Linebacker David Wigfall made 16 total tackles for the Cross defense and linebacker Caden Ramsey picked off two passes. Defensive back Tyshawn Gavins added an interception.

Junior linebacker Preston Fuller and sophomore linebacker William Grant each tallied five solo stops and combined for 17 total tackles.

Cross tangles with Buford on the road Friday, Sept. 22 (after press time) before opening the Region 8-A slate at St. John’s Sept. 29.

New Hanahan football coach makes move from Peach State

Hanahan High School’s next football coach has won better than 72 percent of his games in three Peach State stops as a head coach, including one state championship.Milan Turner has certainly been around a lot of winning football going back nearly three decades.Counting his time as an assistant coach in the mid-1990s, Turner has been on the sideline for six state championship games with five programs. Two of those won it all in Georgia, where he’s coached his whole career until now.“We are elated to welco...

Hanahan High School’s next football coach has won better than 72 percent of his games in three Peach State stops as a head coach, including one state championship.

Milan Turner has certainly been around a lot of winning football going back nearly three decades.

Counting his time as an assistant coach in the mid-1990s, Turner has been on the sideline for six state championship games with five programs. Two of those won it all in Georgia, where he’s coached his whole career until now.

“We are elated to welcome Coach Turner to the Hawk family,” Hanahan High Principal Tom Gallus said. “Our community is very fortunate to have a coach of this caliber to lead and develop our student-athletes on and off the field. Coach Turner is a proven educator and leader. He knows what it takes to build a successful high school football program and to ensure that each student is prepared for their next steps after high school. I look forward to serving alongside Coach Turner and seeing our Hawks shine under the Friday night lights.”

Most recently, though, Turner was on the college level for one season, serving as the director of high school relations for the Georgia Southern football program.

Before Georgia Southern, where he earned his undergraduate and Master’s degrees, Turner compiled a 112-43 mark over 13 seasons as a head coach for three Georgia programs: Emanuel County (2005-10), Thomson (2011-13) and Veterans (2018-21). Turner’s teams won 65 games in six seasons at Emanuel, claiming the Class A crown in 2007 and finishing runner-up in 2008. He was 24-10 at Thomson and 23-21 at Veterans, both marks skewed heavily by one rough season.

In between Thomson and Veterans, Turner was on staff at Coffee High School for four seasons. Coffee was the Class 6A runner-up in 2017. He was also an assistant for the Class 4A state champion at Warner Robins in 2004 and played for state titles as an assistant at 2A Fitzgerald in 2000 and 2A Screven County in 1994.

Turner takes the reins from interim coach Steve Blanchard, who guided the Hawks for most of the season after Art Craig stepped away mid-season and eventually retired.

Last fall, Hanahan started off 6-1 and dropped three straight to finish 6-4 after a first-round playoff loss to Brookland-Cayce.

“First, I would like to thank Coach Clay Helton and Georgia Southern University for the incredible opportunity I had to serve this year on the football staff,” Coach Turner said in a statement released by HHS. “I want to also thank Principal Tom Gallus, Athletic Director Kim Joseph, the search committee, and the Berkeley County Board of Education for this incredible opportunity to be a teacher and head football coach at Hanahan High School. I am extremely excited for the future of our school and athletic program. I cannot wait to get to work with our team and to meet the Hanahan community.”

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Firefighters extinguish early-morning fire in Hanahan home

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HANAHAN, S.C. (WCSC) - Fire investigators are working to determine the cause of a fire early Tuesday in a Hanahan home.

The Hanahan Fire Department responded to the fire, reported at approximately 3:26 a.m. in the 5800 block of North Rhett Avenue.

Crews on the scene said the house was unoccupied and no injuries were reported. It took about 30 minutes to extinguish the fire.

Emergency vehicles and equipment blocked that portion of North Rhett Avenue, but as of just after 6 a.m., firefighters said North Rhett Avenue was reopening to traffic.

The North Charleston and Goose Creek Rural Fire Departments also responded to help Hanahan firefighters.

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